Secondary Alpha-Female in Training?

This morning, while getting ready for work, our elder dog came into my office and asked for her towel under my desk.  This has become a habit for her. A few weeks ago, I let her in to sit with me because I knew I was going to be working on a project and not be on the phones. It was also laundry day so I put one of the cleaning towels on the floor for her to relax. After that, it was every day. She came to believe she was entitled to spend the morning with me “at the office.” Prior to that, it was just a random occurrence and I would shoo her out upon clocking in. Today, she came in early. I loaded up my work tools on my machines and then went about my usual Saturday morning. Sometimes she will hang out in the office until I return and others she will come out and follow me back in when I am done with my morning habits.

One of the things that I enjoy doing in the morning is to go through the house and check on the children and smooch their foreheads as a last ritual before starting my work day. This is comforting to me as a mother and it is about the only time I do not get any dramatics with the “Ew mom!” and the ducking away from it. You know how kids are, they become independent and mommy smooches are gross. 🙂 Today, the elder dog followed me from room to room and as I left each room, she went in on her own and looked at the child. Satisfied, she would snort and become one again with my shadow.

I don’t know why I noticed this today. I mean, she has done the same before but it just stuck with me this morning.

The absolute last thing I did this morning was top off my coffee and nuke it a bit. Elder dog sat patiently waiting for me to finish then navigated the hectic 4 a.m. traffic in the hallway to work. She took her spot on the towel and commenced to doing what she does best. Lightly snoring on her towel.  During my time noting her actions, I imagined she believes that she is in training to be the secondary Alpha Female of the house. She had her chest all puffed out like she was the most important thing in the world aside from the true Alpha Female. That made me giggle.

I would hate to burst her bubble and, if I told her, she would not understand but the Miles hierarchy does not work that way. I will say that, in her own right, she IS the secondary Alpha Female because the caste system dictates that. She has that title by right (age) and in the minds of the doggies in the home. Here is how the caste system works in the Miles home and it is likely the same in other homes with pets.

Alpha: Dad and Mom

Beta: Children, oldest to youngest.

Charlie (stated phonetically because I have absolutely NO IDEA how to say third or thirdly in greek. There it is! You got it! Digression!): Dogs (ranked usually in age but if one dominates the other in the minds of the doggies then, so be it.)

Delta: Fish

That is just how it is. Now there are technically two other females that would be secondary Alpha Females because the children rise to power. However, I assume Elder dog believes that, because one of the girls is asleep and (when) the other is not here, she can stick her chest out and “argh argh argh” her weight around.

Just no stepping on my toes chick. You will NEVER have MY spot?

***Said as Micaa, grabs her mug and smugly reclines in the office chair…***

Elder Dog sticking her chest out.

Elder Dog sticking her chest out.


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