Death of the Alphabet

Here is something new! (Yes, folks, digression, right off the bat. All commas and junk!) I am writing a post as soon as it pops into my noggin! Woot! Go me!

Ok, I was sitting here chatting with a blogger in kind ( yes, it is during work hours and I know, I chat with no physical form of persons, gimme a break. You know how I do this….MAN!) and she mentioned that her wireless keyboard batteries were dying. They were new and supposed to last for a year! That is how it is with batteries. Just like people. They have a tendency to run down when you least expect it. Instead of sharing my line of thought, I did continue the conversation we were having prior about fingernail polish because I was currently digging my nails out of the tips of my fingers from the hot pink fiasco of 2014. I love to wear nail polish but I despise removing it. Maybe I should not put eighteen layers on and let it chip away only to cover it again 2 days later. (LOOK! I digressed again! Squirrel! Fall {NOT fail because squirrels make me fall off the sidewalk when there is nothing to fall off of.} ! Ugh, I need the ADD meds here huh?)

While I was contemplating her distress, I sadly looked over at the shiny box which my own wireless mouse and keyboard currently reside. For nearly every WAH company I have worked for, they demand that everything is tethered to your machine. Wired keyboard, wired headset, wired mouse. Out of habit, I keep it like that. From time to time, I have to bring it out as a reference because, yes, I am very brave and let the other souls in my house use my work pc. It is just an awesome machine and sometimes, we need awesome to do its magic on the Interwebs. So, yes, I gazed wantingly upon the box. It was out recently for reference.

While attempting to remove the pink from my ring finger, I looked down upon my current keyboard. It does not matter to me what the status of the letters are upon the keys because I type well and have no need to look at the keyboard when I type. Sadly, I note, the Alphabet is dying. Some letters are half there, others are bent all outta shape and some are simply….gone.

So maybe they are not dying off but they are divorcing me because they hate that I type like Speed Racer. Yes, I shall name my keyboard “Mach 5.” The silly things we do. Really. Ah but yes, in other worlds than mine, the alphabet is ceasing to type due to failed battery life and mine, well, are just going away. Like better souls to heaven or to become one with Earth, however you see fit. One day, I will bring out the wireless and get brave. I do think I may get a wireless headset first but then I may get into trouble because that does free me to roam through the house. Ok. THAT is a bad idea but I DO have that nice keyboard over there <—— and I just may. BET ME!!! (as Dad would say.)

Ok. Rant over. Not well thought out but posted impromptu! Go me!

In other news…..I am now the proud owner of a “spife!” Who knew these things existed!


This post was brought to you today by KELLA!  Yes, I yelled that because its cool to say out loud. Check out her blog! This is my way of saying she should return to it and pick it back up since she asked me earlier and I didn’t respond. 🙂


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Work at home professional, author, wife, mother of many. I view the world in a slightly different way than the rest. They don't let me out much so I do have a lot of time to think. Speaking of that... What do YOU think?

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