My Work Computer Works Too Hard

Recently, my dear Calvin has been using E-cigarettes so he can smoke in the house. This is a great alternative for him because he CAN smoke those things in the house, its not bottom of the ashtray smelly, and it is less damaging to his health. We all win here. About a week ago, I purchased a “different” type of E-cigarette for him to add to his collection. (Ok, yea, it was a coupon that paid for it but I did “buy” it because those free coupons do not pay taxes.) This one came with a “usb charger” which did not have a cord.

Ok, so I keep it in my office and will charge it when it needs to be charged. No problem. For those of you not familiar with the E-cigarette phenomenon, some of them are manufactured to look real. MarkTen does just that with their shiny new model. Here is the box.


It lasted for a while and I was impressed that Calvin had not asked for it to be charged. I say it went for about 9 days before he came to me to charge it. Instead of using one of the phone charger plugs and because I was tethered to my machine (yes, I work. A LOT. Mini digression! hehe,) I just plugged it into the usb port on one of the computers in the office. I went on about my work but kept noting something out of the corner of my eye.

OMG! My computer must really be stressed! I must be working it too hard. Oh. My. IT IS “SMOKING.”


I found this thought to be hilarious and send a picture of it to my husband via text message. I have found that sometimes my wit fails in a text and this was one of them. If fail were fire, that e-cigarette would have set me aflame in negative two seconds. He comes in the office and looks at my tower. Inspects the back of it, shakes his head and leaves. I sit there, in the middle of a call wondering, “What in the hell did he do that for?”  He came back later, when I was at the end of my day and did the same thing. I asked him if he got my message. He replied that he did and I told him. “Jeez! It’s hilarious! Go look!” He shot me a glance that indicated he believed I had lost all the cheese off my cracker AND the cracker finally crumbled. He walks into my office and sits in my chair and said, ok, where is it smoking at.

This was when I discovered that my wit had failed here. He was genuinely concerned and worried about me. He knows how much my work means to me and if something happens to the internet or a piece of my set up I become flippant and overly emotional. We were thinking about two wholly different things here and I failed to realize that. In that moment, I felt bad. I had no intention of making him worry like that and I was a bad wife for laughing the whole time. I finally explained what I meant. What was even a bigger failure is that, when the E-cigarette is done charging, the fake fire on the end of it goes OUT. Soooo, by the time his fanny hit my office chair, the fake fire light was out and it was not as funny as it was in the beginning.

I was able to explain my skewed humor about the “smoking” computer and he was not impressed. Calvin 1, Micaa 0. 😦  I did, however succeed in proving that when it charges, the fake fire light illuminates. I plugged it into the phone charger plug and it lit up. See Love? The charger is “smoking!”  Ya, you guessed it, he shooed me away and called me silly. Such it is that we are.

I still adore him though. Even if my internal humor is lost in the translation. I still think its funny that my computer decided to find a stress reliever in that it “smokes” E cigarettes.

What do YOU think?


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Work at home professional, author, wife, mother of many. I view the world in a slightly different way than the rest. They don't let me out much so I do have a lot of time to think. Speaking of that... What do YOU think?

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  1. Very funny! I am using the e-cigs as my patch replacement so I can quit smoking entirely. When I charge it mine has a blue color lit.

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