We all should giggle. Even if we are alone. (Thanks to WordPress! :) )

I am one of the few lovelies who request an email for every single blog I follow. When there is a new post, I will get an email. For some, this can be quite cumbersome. If I do not stay on top of it, the thing can become overwhelming. But, right now, it is something to pass the time. A great majority of the emails are discarded to the trash bin. Unless I really like the blog or the title captures my interest, I wont click on the “read more” button. I am human and were I to read EVERY SINGLE one, I would never be able to sleep or do anything else. (This means I like a lot of you! I just wish followers would comment on my stuff sometimes! Ah, but I will get there.)

One day, I found a post that I was interested in reading. There was no text of it in the email. The only thing there was the “read more” button. I clicked.

embarassing but I clicked

Now, my desk is in a corner and directly behind me is the wall. I have sort of made a small cubicle in my office. Almost like I am fenced in by my work desk and book shelves. Its cozy and I like it. (NOT digressing here, this is pertinent! 😛 ) As soon as I seen this message, I closed it and clicked again…..

embarassing but I clicked

Um….**Micaa turns to look behind her on both sides.**

Maybe it was NOT embarrassing but I sat there, jaw agape, trying to figure out why WordPress was talking smack to me!! What? No, this is most certainly NOT embarrassing. I clicked YOUR link in the email YOUR site sends to me! Maybe it is embarrassing for you and you are trying to emulate the uncomfortable silence but it feels like you directed that at ME!  No, wrong. **Turns and looks again.** Assuming it is a broken link and NOT anything that I have done, Were someone to be randomly watching me in my habitat, (yes, because I am a creature and sometimes, I do curious things. No mating calls or anything. Like the squirrel, I have a mate for life and I love him dearly. Cal!  You are my heart! Love you! Future reference, THOSE things are none of the naturalists business as there is no voyeurism happening in this place. Ah, I digress.) I am certain they would believe that my cheese was sliding off my cracker or I was having a serious disturbed moment. (Haha! Up to the word before….haha…I had 420 words on this post. Take that hippies! We all rock our own faces!)

Sadly, I was not.

I saved the email that had this link in it and tried to read the post a few days later. I guess I am a glutton for punishment or I just like slamming my face on the desk. Its your take on the behavior. Yes, it appeared again. I am sad because the title to the post was quite interesting and I wanted to see the thought flow from that. I also became worried. While it was not to a blog that I read on a regular, it was a new one that I had recently found. So I sifted through the inbox and found another one from the same blog and IT WORKED!

Ok, WP, I know sometimes people will create a post and then take it down. I get it. But jeez. You mad it sound so interesting! You left me hanging for more! The embarrassing part? **Micaa says whisperingly….”I still have the email with the broken link and giggle every time I click it because no, I am not embarrassing ME! I am embarrassing a computer screen! It makes me laugh!  Hehehehe”

Ya….I am easily amused.

What do YOU Think?


About emaylerocks

Work at home professional, author, wife, mother of many. I view the world in a slightly different way than the rest. They don't let me out much so I do have a lot of time to think. Speaking of that... What do YOU think?

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What do YOU think?

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