Pirates Booty and Chocolate Cake. “Dad is great!”

Cal does the grocery shopping from time to time. Because I had to work, he did the deed today. I love it when he does the shopping because he brings stuff home that I would never buy and it makes me try new things or things that I would only get out of the vending machine at work. (Wait, what? Vending machine? There is one HERE???? Oh. No, that was at an old job where I had to do this thing called “drive to work.” **Micaa shudders.**  See how spoiled I am working from home? I digress.) He stopped by the office to tell me he got some “aged white cheddar popcorn stuff” for the kiddos. I was in the middle of something and was like “Cool. Nice. Uh. Huh.” He left back out and then decided to bring it to me to keep so they don’t become human vaccuums and inhale it all when they get home. I swear there was enough for at least three days but if you release the demons on it, it will be obliterated in less than three (3) seconds. When he told me about it, I thought it was some new brand of chip bag popcorn I had never seen before. No. It was this:


I have had this brand before. Yes, it was a vending machine thing. Don’t judge! I told him “OOOH! Pirates Booty! Yes, its good. I looove Pirates Booty!”  His response was simple.


I had to sit and think about that for a minute. Ummm. That did not sound like I meant for it to sound. I tried to explain myself. In his good humor, he said “Yea, yea, sure. We ALL know what you meant! Freak!” He laughed all the way out the door. One point for the Cal. He got me. (Dang it.) He immediately returned with the most luscious, decadent, chocolate of chocolate cakes! Omy!!!  I looked at him. He is the father of my children. He HATES chocolate cake. He told me it was for me and the kids and I immediately broke out in song. ♫♪Dad is great! Giving us the chocolate cake!♪♫. For those of you who do not know of this wonderful thing. Watch the following video. It comes about around. 7:12

Guess what! I WIN!!!!  I got him to laugh at me. Ahh. Life is good.

What do YOU think?


About emaylerocks

Work at home professional, author, wife, mother of many. I view the world in a slightly different way than the rest. They don't let me out much so I do have a lot of time to think. Speaking of that... What do YOU think?

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What do YOU think?

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