The Porch Is Happy!

20150206_065303 I have been in a rut lately and it seems that the whole world is quite content with their life and I am stuck here, forgotten about like a discarded tissue. I only hope this is the end of the blues because man, it just sucks feeling like that! One of the things I look forward to on my days off (well, besides, the respite from the same routine every day, don’t get me wrong, I love my routine. I find it comfy. Let’s face it. We all need a break from the monotony once in a while. Ah, but I digress.) is walking the boys to the bus. Even when it is bitter cold out, like this morning, it is a part of THEIR routine that I miss now that I work at “ungodly” in the morning. Ok, now I sound like such a hypocrite because I just fussed at my super for cutting my morning hours back. I swear I sat here looking at this paragraph going “Aw jeez. I did that?” See how work and home life always conflicts no matter how good you think it is? Where was I? Oh yea, THEIR routine. I try not to be overly excited about walking in the cold, with tired people, to the bus stop, to stand there with other tired children (and the ONE who is overly excited about life,) just to watch my boys ride away to hang with their friends and teachers but I truly LOVE to do it! It is a time with no electronics, no fighting, no TV, just us and the elements. For a few moments, we are together working toward a same goal.

Another reason is that I try not to step on Daddy’s toes. It is something I do a great deal. I don’t do it intentionally, I just love our kids so much I don’t want to miss one second of their growing up. I know that soon, they will be grown and raising their own families and my joy in their every breathing second will be put on hold until they come to visit. Daddy wants his moments too and while i work, he is the one that gets to take that beloved trip to the bus stop. I am sure in his own way, Cal loves this time too. Eventhough he is not much of a morning person, it is time he gets to spend with both of the boys and nothing else. Father son time. Even if it is for a few minutes, I know they have their talks and such. It is what they do. In a perfect world, we would both be able to spend ample time with each child and teaching them amazing things and showing them stuff that makes them go “WHOA! That is AWESOME!”  Thinking about stuff like that makes me happy.

After the boys board their bus, Daddy and I get to take the walk back to the house. I look forward to that with as much enthusiasm as I do with the boys. We have no electronics, and we chat about nothing all the way home. On my days off, I am usually grinning like a fat kid with new cake by the time we get home because, coffee or no, I have started my day off perfectly! I was able to do two things I emphatically love to do within about 30 minutes. Life is truly good.

I also get to write without interruption on my days off and that makes me happy too. I was struggling this morning trying to come up with something. While I had some ideas that have been wanting to be put down, I felt it was just not their time. Until Cal and I arrived at the door. Yesterday, he rode his bike during a respite from the rains we have had. I don’t mind him riding his bike because he looks so damn happy when he is on it. Only, when he is “winded” from the ride, he will not put it back in the garage where it belongs. Instead, he leaves it in the doorway and you have to carefully walk around the thing just to get into the garage. Typical man thing. You know how it is. Ok, so I happily walk around the thing with my Off Day grin on my face and I see something on the concrete where the bike is normally parked. I was not the one unlocking the door so I walked over to it while Cal pulled out his keys. He noticed I stepped away from his peripheral vision and looked up at me. “What is it? What are you doing?”

“LOOK! 🙂 The porch is happy!”

Of course, he shakes his head at me. He knows where this is going. Micaa’s skewed view of the world found happy in two grease spots and a perfectly placed leaf! Omegherd! Yeah, he knows, It does not take a lot to amuse me. It did make me smile and it made the morning even more perfect. I followed him in and began to get my comfy on so I could come and do what I do….write.  I just had to do one more thing before I could get started. That happy out there was just too loud for me to ignore. Even if it was 27 degrees outside, I absolutely had to capture it. Even if just for a moment. I scrambled to find the camera and scurried back out into the garage. Barefoot and with no coat, I was trying to get the perfect picture of Mr. Happy Concrete. I swear it was better than the WalMart smiley face. **click!** Got it. As I stood back up, I seen a face peering around the door jam. It had a big question mark on it. “What in the heck are you doing?”  My response? “I have something to write about.” With that, I ushered the love of my life back into the house so I can do what my fingers and brain love to do with their life…write.

Thinking about that spot, its funny how things happen. That little smiley guy was in the spot where the motorcycle now sits. It is happy for me to have shared in its warming smile on such a cold day and it is a perfect reminder that this is the exact spot that protects the greater happy that I can see on my Cal’s face when he gets on that bike and rides into the wind. Yes, I ride from time to time and the happiness radiates off him. I don’t see his face when I am on the back of that bike but I can feel it all the same. It is funny how the world gives us little reminders that the small things matter just as much as the big things do. If you ever get a chance, stop and admire that. Pull on to the side of the road and enjoy the sunrise/sunset. If you notice its beauty, the sun has provided that moment just for you to enjoy. If you see the grass looking so perfect, stop and take your shoes off and let the blades tickle your toes. That moment is just for you. Should you look up from your electronics and see utter joy from the kiddos playing in the yard, put your device down and savor the moment. It is truly yours.

Those devices, that drive, and whatever it is you are rushing to do will wait for you to take an extra two minutes to savor what the world is trying to show you. Even if it is two little grease spots and a leaf on the concrete. It was MY happy and it reminded me of so many other happies that I have enjoyed while we lived here.

What do YOU think?


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Work at home professional, author, wife, mother of many. I view the world in a slightly different way than the rest. They don't let me out much so I do have a lot of time to think. Speaking of that... What do YOU think?

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What do YOU think?

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