It Fell Due To Grace

A local recreaction center is situated on an old air force base which closed in the 90’s. Though the area has been revitalized, there has been efforts to maintain the memory of those who served this country and worked this military facility. From what I understand, the nearby airport, community college, this recreation center, and some of the nearby housing were part of the original base. The memories are cemented by pedastals with stories of the men and women and buildings of the base.

Along the hallways of the recreation center are canvases with pictures and stories. Mind you, they are not glued to the wall I  any way. These pictures are hung on a screw in the cinderblock walls. Near the vending machines there is a whole row of these canvasses. They are about 2′ x 3′. 

Those who know me are aware that I am one of the most graceful people on the planet. (We even have a child who inherited my graceful gene. I am so proud! Haha!!!! I digressed AND threw some sarcasm at you all. Coffee is doing its job today!) I have been known to fall off sidewalks (with no curb,) fall off the street, trip up the stairs and over thin air. This time, I turned around and the picture jumped off the wall. The woman standing next to me was surprised. I guess part of it was that I caught it almost immediately. The picture rocked and I reached out and stopped its fall. In the same motion, I went about putting it back. She was very nice and helped me putting it back.

The best part was my Cal walked up who le we were trying to hang the picture and said “That could only have been my wife.” That made me smile because he knows me well.

Talking about it later, he told me “Only you can walk into a place and things begin to fall.” I thought to myself; “It falls due to grace. Heheheheh.”

I am happy to say the picture was fine and not damaged. It would have been perfectly me had it fell and cut my foot or broke a toe. This means I am laying down on the job. Or that my grace gene is experiencing Alzheimer’s.  Either way, I don’t mind. The damage was minimal.

On a brighter note,  we were at the recreation center for the city ten and under basketball championships. Our number eleven’s team won!!! He was so proud and it was the first team he played on that went all the way. They lost the championship last year but it was great to see that smile. I will always be and remain our kiddos biggest fan. We were certainly proud of him and his team.


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Work at home professional, author, wife, mother of many. I view the world in a slightly different way than the rest. They don't let me out much so I do have a lot of time to think. Speaking of that... What do YOU think?

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What do YOU think?

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