He Said I Walk Like Sophia

In the movie “The Color Purple,” Oprah Winfrey plays a headstrong woman named Sophia. Sophia is a member of the Smack a Blitch Quick Club. She also has a strut that when she is on the move, you better stay out of her way. Cal told me this morning that when I walk by myself, I have a “Sophia Walk.” Really?

This conversation came about because there was two of my rings I did not wear when I decided to walk to the post office this morning. I just wanted to walk. I didn’t feel like driving. Besides, it is better for my health and the environment. I will leave the planet better off (just a smidgen) by walking sometimes. Ah, but that is another post for another day. (I digressed.) Today, I decided to listen to my music while walking. They say when you have music, the time goes by faster and the walk or exercise is not such a chore. I am not wholly into music like some people are. It is not a stress reliever or something I am into. I like my music and when I wanna listen to it, i will but I would certainly not die without it. To my delight, my Pandora was “jamming” today and I had some nifty walking music to listen to. I kept my walk to the beat of the music and now that I think about it, yea I was probably walking like Sophia.

Taking a 2’x3′ package to the post office on foot, I felt like a walking target for a mugger so I left a couple of my rings at the house. Just in case. I didn’t want to be mugged or attacked. Things like that happen quite often here in our part of the world. I just wanted to be safe and have my rings where I know they would be safe. That was the reasoning I gave Cal when he caught up with me at the post office. This is where he said I walked like Sophia, so it is likely that I would not be messed with. Hrmmm. I think he seen me.

Flash back to the marching to the music. I was listening to “Eye of the Beholder” by Metallica when I began to think. Yes, thinking and walking, not a good mix for me. While walking, I figured out that strippers know their music walk long before they ever know they will work a pole. If you have ever been to a strip club (I do suggest you go. As a woman, if you act like a lady, the strippers will buy you drinks and happily entertain your other half and hover simply because they know you are not there to drool like most people,) you note that they have a certain walk they do when they are walking across the stage. They have a strut that goes in time with the music. In my day, teenagers walked everywhere we wanted to go, unless it was being picked up from the mall by Mom at night. We had walkman cassette players and (for the 90’s kids) portable CD players with headphones. If you walked by yourself, I am certain the music you chose was 1. your favorite and 2. (unconsciously choosing) your walking music. I fail to remember if anyone every chose a long, sad ballad to walk to their friends house.

While one is not walking in heels, you get that strut down pat at an early age. Whether or not you use that strut for your career choice later in life is your business. But for those in the entertainment industry, if your strut is not refined enough to land you that lucrative money maker, then all that walking was just for your health. That is okay!

So yea, I walk like Sophia. I am proud! I still think she will make it further with her “Ima fluck a blitch up” stride because I will likely find a pebble to trip over. She will march on (to see what pretty colors Shug Avery gonna put on the wall next or even hunt down Harpo and kill him dead for threatening to beat her) and I will be laying in the middle of the road writhing in pain because I tripped over some air that was too thick and broke something. There will be blood. There will be tears. There will be cursing. There may even be an ambulance. Such it is that we are.

However, I am happy to say that this Sophia impersonator made it all the way to the post office without so much as one double shuffle. Yea, Cal made sure I was going to be safe. For that I love him dearly. At least he looks out for me. Were it not for his angel like wings keeping the air thin under my feet, I would have tripped over nothing. He loves me. 🙂

Cheers to those of you who can strut to your own music while walking on sticks and platforms. This one is for you. And for Sophia? I got ya girl! Lets take a walk and show the world we aint to be messed with!

**Micaa walks away from the keyboard like a boss and trips over the leg of the chair…..BLAM!! Explicatives, ouches, bleeding…”Im ok!” In walks Cal…..shakes head….leaves the room. Only YOU.**

What do YOU think?


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Work at home professional, author, wife, mother of many. I view the world in a slightly different way than the rest. They don't let me out much so I do have a lot of time to think. Speaking of that... What do YOU think?

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