Happy Sammich and Potato Butts

Took the kiddos and go out of the house today. We walked and found ourselves at Target. We found the TargetDog and yes we posed. We got a few unnecassaries. Just having a good time being a family. Well, until of course I found something to write about. Time to pitch an excited fit about something I sawed and take a picture of it. Then announce that it is something to write about. Like that justifies my actions as the Smurf abd Numba Seven hide embarassingly in the next aisle.

Over the past couple of years, I have watched the grocery section of our Target grow and to be honest, it is nice! Near this section, the aisle is wide that separates it from the rest of the store. At the end of this aisle is the most beautiful piece of grocery store art I have ever seen. Normally, I get excited over a topic when there are not a lot of public around. I absolutely HAD to take a picture. There were people everywhere.



I had to nearly drag the brood this spot and plead with Numba 11 to use my phone for the pic. After the pic, I had amassed a group of people staring at me. I actually had to admit it and tell the people: “Yes I am a blogger and I LOVE silly stuff.” 😉

Later, we went to chic fil a. When I eat my waffle fries, I save the “ends” for last. Yes, just another OCD thing I do. (I wonder if things would taste different were I to just eat normally? Yea. Different, just not spelled the same. See what I did there? Ah, but I digress.) So, the Grumpy Smurf picks up one and asks “Do you eat these?” My reply? ” Um yea, it’s just the potato butt.” “EXACTLY MOM!!!”  In hindsight, that sounds pretty nasty. To be eating potato butts. What if they didn’t wipe or had explosive diarrhea when they were slaughtered? I mean, ick. My potato butt even had a skid mark. Look▼



Guess what? It was good. Maybe I need rehab. I am addicted.

On another note. One that was not intended for this post but happened after the potato butt incident. My Grumpy Smurf gave me a coupon she got from Target. She told me she knows I will use it. I was like. “Oh. You are giving this to me?” She shook her head in the affirmative. Know that any opportinity to embarass the kid; I take. I put my hands on each side of my face (like in the painting ‘The Scream’) and said loud enough for the entire busy restauraunt to hear “OH MY GAWD! SHE GAVE ME A PRESENT! I AM SO EXCITED!” Because I got a strange look and did so well at explaining myself to the public just an hour ago, I looked at a lady on the other side of the dining area and declared: “I gotta embarass her every chance I get!” Yes. My Smurf was sitting there with her hands un her face. “Can we go now.” She said whisperingly.

Yes. They don’t let me out I  the publics much.

What do YOU think?


About emaylerocks

Work at home professional, author, wife, mother of many. I view the world in a slightly different way than the rest. They don't let me out much so I do have a lot of time to think. Speaking of that... What do YOU think?

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  1. Now I wish someone would make me a happy face sammich…its not the same if you make it yourself.


    • I totally agree! I tried just the other day to get my Cal to make me a tomato sandwich. While I make mine exactly the same, it just tastes better if he does it. It is the love he puts into making it I guess. 🙂


What do YOU think?

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