They Let HORSES Into The Water Park?

The grumpy blue smurf has a job. Yes, let’s all run in fear as she joins the ranks of the working paid. I must say I am quite proud because they pay her pretty good for a first job and it is not in the service industry. She is actually a lifeguard and she even received her CPR certification. BIG accomplishments and champagne all around. We are very proud of her and my hopes are that the grumpies will subside a tad. Well, after she gets used to working. She is VERY grumpy after work. Heck, I would be too after spending nearly 10 hours in the sun for my shift and yelling at little kids “WALK!” all day. I was even impressed with her first check!

I remember my first real pay check. I say real because I worked for my Mother at my first job. I manned a cash register at a convenience store Mom owned for a couple of years. I got 20 bucks a day. In hindsight, that was pretty crappy since we were there nearly 12 hours every time I went to work. But hey, that was a lot of green when you are 13 years old. $40 for working Saturday and Sunday was pretty good. I thought I was doing something. Technically my first job was Mc Donalds.  I was paid ten cents over minimum wage. My hourly wage was a whopping $4.35 an hour and my first check, after taxes, was $43.xx. I will never forget the dollar amount. The smurf did a whole lot better than I. She hit (barely) three digits! YOU GO GURL! (Ah, but I digressed, didn’t I.)

I assume with every job these days, you have to pass a test about training before you can actually get to the meat and potatoes of your job. To be honest, I thought it was only work at home jobs that did that. I was wrong. Alyssa had to take a test that was not related to her CPR certification before she started work. After she passed it, she said she had something funny to tell me but could not remember it. Yesterday, which was about 2 weeks later, she came to me and told me she remembered what was so dang important.

“Mom, I remember what I had to tell you.”

“Oh?” was my reply

“Yea. Remember that test we took for work? Well, there was a question on there….’What are the only two animals they allow into the water park?’ ”

My mind immediately began to assume. Service animals. That HAD to be one. You know, ADA and all that jazz. But, WTH would be another? Birds? They live here at the beach and the HUGE ones people have as pets are pretty chill. Um….ferrets? No. WTHeckles could it be?  Then she pipes up…

“Little Horses! NOT donkeys! There is such a thing as LITTLE HORSES!”

(O.O)  <—That was my response.

What, do they bring a petting zoo into the park for birthday parties or something? They are not trained to poop anywhere specific and what in the world would a little horse want to be at the water park for? I asked her that and she said they could not provide her with an explanation only that it was in the rules. Service animals and little horses are allowed into the water park and nothing else. I even googled it and could not find an answer.

I tell you, the world feeds to my skewed view of things more and more every day.

What do YOU Think?


About emaylerocks

Work at home professional, author, wife, mother of many. I view the world in a slightly different way than the rest. They don't let me out much so I do have a lot of time to think. Speaking of that... What do YOU think?

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  1. Little horses? Ponies? 😀
    But why…


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