I Learned My True Color Today

Went fishing this morning with the love of my life. This is why Friday’s are my favorite day of the week. It is my only day off and I get to spend the mornings with my Cal. Today, we decided to drag the entire pond behind the house. It took about 2 hours. I am certain it would have been longer but I have become impatient and I think the storms from the past couple of days have knocked most of the bugs out of the air and washed them off the banks. This feeds the fish and they are not interested in our lures. While it makes for a boring time of fishing, we get to talk and carry on. What is important to me is that we get to spend time together…alone…without the children. Any time we can take to be child-free is precious when you do not trust random people to watch your children and the nearest trustworthy relative is a 4 hour drive away. Yea, I know we have a teenager but our children are like all north ends of a magnet. They cannot get along and do so much better separated.

Ah but I digressed.

My intent is not about children but about fishing. My constant readers and fans know well that I am in an interracial marriage so I can carry on about the “color” jokes sometimes. (Remember how “colored popscicles” got me in trouble and ended up having my supervisor use it to laugh at one of my co-workers? Yea. Like that.) Let me give you some background about how I came to the conclusion “I learned my true color today.”  When you see people do crazy stuff on television, most of the time, it is white people doing X-games stuff or just plain craziness. Outrageous, extraordinary, kill-yourself, stupidity is not something that black folks tend to do. While they do have their own silliness, it is nothing like jumping off the side of a rock cliff in a squirrel suit and hoping you don’t catch a bad wind gust only to become bugsplat on a rock face. Black folk silliness is never anything like that. Also, when you see someone run off scared, they are “white as a ghost.” After this morning, I have found that I am both white as can be as well as black. (Ya, that is honorary, I am an HONORARY black person because I married a Miles and I am still here after 20 years. 🙂 ) It takes a certain kind of person to live with a Miles and have the intestinal fortitude to survive it and stick around. This is why I am confident in my marriage because no one can handle my beloved Cal like me! This man was made just for me! (Yea, I digressed. It is TRUE!)

About halfway around the pond, there are 2 options. You can cross the rock cropping near the end of the pond, or you can go up to the road and cross over the bridge. Being that my fishing license had expired and I was using artificial bait, I did not want to be seen by the game warden or reported by a passerby for walking the bridge holding my fishing pole. I thought it would be best to try to cross the rock cropping. Not long before I had reached the cropping, Cal had lovingly warned me to watch for snakes. I was already doing so, with it being snake season and, we were walking in ankle high grass. I thought I could make it because the rocks were big and I called myself being able to see around them. He was far enough behind me where, even if he said anything, he would not be able to help and there was running water near me that was creating enough background noise that I wouldn’t have heard nothing more than his voice making noise. About halfway down to the inlet where the water was coming into the pond, I looked down and seen the middle of a snake snuggled down in between the rocks about a foot in front of me. Immediately, I did an about face and ran back up the side of the embankment. What took me almost five minutes carefully choosing secure rocks to step on, I confidently say I was out of there and back up on the grass in about  fifteen (15) seconds.

I looked over at Cal and all he did was give me a thumbs up.

Confused, I turned and took the bridge anyway. I safely made it back to the pond’s edge and resumed fishing AFTER my heart stopped racing and trying to jump out of my nose. I can say that the part of the snake I noticed was only about 6 inches long but that sucker was nearly 2-3 inches wide and I could CLEARLY see the scales on that flucker. I was NOT going to hang around to see how long it truly was and I am thankful it was not moving nor that I was able to see either end of it. It can happily stay right were it is in the rock outcropping and continue to bask in the warmth of the rocks from the day before. When Calvin (smartly) came across the bridge and started fishing near my location, he told me what he was thinking as he watched me attempt to walk across the rocks.

“I kept saying to myself…no no no no….don’t go down there in snakeville! No! But the next thing I knew, you got the hell up out of there! What were YOU thinking!”

(Of course I wanted to say ‘HEY! That is MY line!’ but no, I let him have that.)

Now, where do the colors come into play?  I was white for trying to cross the rock outcropping. Only a dumb azz white girl like me would try to do something like that in the middle of the summer when it is blazing hot. Yes, it is in the dead middle of snake season and I should know better. I have nature smarts and I have seen my share of snakes and other critters on previous fishing trips. Duh!  I was black for zipping up the embankment as fast as I did. In my family, it is the black in you that gets you the heck outta dodge whenever something starts to go wrong. A snake? Well, have you ever seen a black american snake charmer? Yeah, me neither.

So yes, I was reminded of my true colors today.  I am definitely white. But on the inside, I am black. However, I can assure you I was “white as a ghost” there for a minute after seeing that snake.

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  1. Mrs.Miles
    I had to read this twice,i enjoyed it so much,stomach is still hurting from laughing !!!


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