Lessons Learned 21 Bucks.

In a day where electronics have brought about the zombie apocalypse (even though we are unaware of such) and an ever increasing population makes attendance in public dangerous, it becomes harder and harder to teach our children lessons in honesty and integrity.  Today was slightly different.

Thanks to the electronic age and the perfect opportunity to have the boyz go for a walk with me. (1. ANY opportunity to get out of the house. 2. ANY opportunity to have them do something else besides electronic zombie activity.) I decided we were going to walk to pick up a new TV for the rec room. Now, if this was 1980, this would not have been possible with a plastic red rider wagon and two children. Thank gawsh for technology advances. (Yup…take a screen shot of that. Things I don’t say often. Ah, but I digress.)  So we walked there and back and the rec room is splendidly happy once again. However, there was a teachable moment which occurred in between.

Upon entering into our busy WallyWorld, I keep an ever searching eye out for discarded receipts. Savings Catcher has given me almost $100 bucks to spend and it’s great. Another story for another day. The first thing I see is a folded up piece of paper. From the printing along the edge of the paper I knew it was a payroll check of some kind. I sit down on a bench nearby and open it up. It is a SIGNED cashiers check with a deposit slip. I turn it over and see the amount.


Wow. I know whomever lost this must be sick with grief. I thought about it for a moment and made a decision. This IS WallyWorld, afterall, and if I just hand it over to the snotty management staff, they will get the feel good credit for my kind deed and the owner will never know about the lesson I am trying to teach the boyz. Instead, I explained what the right thing to do was and then took matters into my own hands.

I walked up to customer service and asked the manager for a phone book. I did find a number that matched the name and address on the deposit slip. I called it but, there was no answer. Like the movies, I snatched the page out of the phone book and stuffed it into my pocket. Then, I told the manager lady that my oldest child had found a check the parking lot abd I wanted to leave her name and number at the customer service desk if the owner came looking for it. The manager demanded the check so they could “lock it up” and I told her again, my daughter found it on her way out and it is not here. So the manager gave me a pen and paper and I wrote.

“I found your check and I will keep it safe. Please call and I will bring it to you. Micaa 845-555-1212.” No sillies, that is NOT my number so don’t try it. You will get information.)

I explained to the boyz why I did what I did. I wanted to see the look on the ladys face when her money was returned to her. I also wanted them to experience the feel good feeling of being nice to a fellow human. As we were exiting the parking lot and, making our way home, my phone begins ringing.

“This is Micaa.”
“Hello! This is Ms. Randall. You have something of mine?”
“Oh yes! How are you? I do. We are at this so and so spot and walking you can’t miss us. When you get done shopping, I will have it for you.”
“Oh. THANK YOU!  I am not nearly as upset as I was thank you again!”

After walking along about ten minutes, a Cadillac SUV pulls up beside us with a lady about my mother’s age in it. The boyz and I walked up to the truck and she asked me if it was OK to give me $20. I told her it was OK and she insisted I spend it on the boyz. I told her of the lesson I wanted them to learn and that each will get $10. She said gratefully “You are an angel!”

Yea, I can say my feeling was that it was going to “pay” off but even the grateful look on her face and the teachable moment accomplishment


was enough. Good deeds really do pay off.

On another note, Numba 8 even found a dollar bill on the sidewalk before we reached the house.

See how Karma does good things?

What do YOU think?


About emaylerocks

Work at home professional, author, wife, mother of many. I view the world in a slightly different way than the rest. They don't let me out much so I do have a lot of time to think. Speaking of that... What do YOU think?

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What do YOU think?

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