Modern Rules Promote Selective Breeding

As a child, I remember being told that I could grow up to be anything I wanted to be. Like a great majority of people in this world, the life I live now is certainly not one that I would tout as what I envisioned my life to be as a 7 year old growing up in a Seattle suburb. Still, the message we give to our very young children is the same. Maybe it is worded differently but still the underlying theme remains. “You can be anything you want to be, you just have to work hard and get an education!” As our children get older, and wiser, they are reminded that they have to get a college education and have to maintain a good citizen persona. While that may not have been the case when my generation was young, it is something that is required to make your mark in this country and possibly, the world. To further confuse the children, we have instilled this “feel good” mentality that cushions them from the horrors of real life. Making mistakes is not acceptable. If you do, the consequences follow you until your deathbed. I have also noticed it is also who you know. More of a caste system instead of a democracy. There is all this talk about racial equality and avoidance of discrimination. However, it begins when we add on the “so long as you gets…” and “so long as you do’s…”This, ultimately, is where the selection process begins.

Not only does this selection process begin with a mistake, it can have lasting ramifications on other members of your family. In a family with more than one child, the impressions of the younger children are based upon former experiences with the older children. Not only does this happen in schools, it happens in the community as well. If an older child was known for their carelessness and callous behavior, it is expected of the children coming after them. Those within the same family are believed to behave in the same manner. After all, are we not all a product of our environment? I would like to think that people are their own persons and are not directly influenced by the behavior of an older sibling. Especially if that sibling is known for making mistakes. Parent’s who are keen on this concept spend years undoing “damage” done by an older child who chose a path that went against society just to ensure that the younger child (who wants to take a different lifestyle) can become accepted and attempt to gain the respect of the people in the community and the staff of the schools and organizations that they wish to belong in. Further, it is a lesson the younger child has to learn. They need to know that they will be constantly compared to the “troublemaker sibling” and they have to take a multitude of extra steps just to prove they are not like their sister or brother. Even for the child who comes along after a doctor or lawyer, if that child wishes to work in a fast food establishment for their career, they have to show that they are not the same person as their lucrative sibling and should not be compared to them. Sadly, this is the way it is.

Further, if this child  happens to be the child who makes a mistake, they are marked for life because of that mistake. They can go to great lengths to get a criminal record sealed or expunged, but if there is that one thing, even if they were truly innocent, it will haunt them for the rest of their lives. They can move, or never get into trouble again. Still, 20 or 30 years from now, they will face a lifetime of disappointment and regret because of it. Further, if the trouble is something that is not directly related to a specific thing, it will have unintended consequences.

Let me get to the point here.

Humans have babies. The babies grow and end up going to school. In our feel good era, there is a great demand for 100% participation in the school life of the children by the parents. Constantly, letters are sent home stating that “it is our goal to have 100% parent participation this year, your child’s success depends on it!” However, you have to go through a background check in order to be present on school grounds or participate in an activity with your child. Should you have one black mark on your record from 20 years ago, you are out of luck. The teachers are only told that you are not allowed to be there and they create their own uninformed opinion of what it must be like to live in your home as you are a criminal. The few that are allowed to participate are given “cards” to show that they have been selected and are “good people.” Those children who are without their parents on Parents Breakfast Day are often chastised by the other children and have to be told by their parents that “Mommy or Daddy can’t make it, I am so sorry.”  Not only does this create a rift in the relationship with the child and his peers, it creates unnecessary resentment between the child and his parents. The parent may have took a car for a joyride when they were in college. However, because of that one discretion, they have a felony charge on their record and are marked for life. This mistake has nothing to do with their skills as a parent no does it make them a danger to be around the children. Now, if it was something as serious as a murder charge then, yes, I understand not wanting that person to be around a class of thirty children on a field trip. However, a felony is a felony and nobody cares what it was or the circumstances surrounding it.

Not only does this create bad feelings for the child and the parent. It marks the child. Now they are known as the child of a criminal and are treated differently by the staff and are marked as someone who will amount to nothing. Not only has this made it more difficult for the child to achieve their dreams of being a “somebody.” It has likely crushed it because teachers do favors for children they know will prosper. They form biased opinions on things outside of grades and effort and instill this feel good mentality into the children and any child who does not conform and learn to become a sheeple is written off and harassed in a manner that makes them not want to succeed but to quit the race altogether.

Any child who is perceived as abrasive against the normally of society is considered a threat and every attempt is made to extinguish their flame. That flame that was lit not so long ago with the phrase “You can be whatever you want to be.” The awe of the world and the bright look in their eyes eventually becomes clouded over as they blend into the fabric of a society that says it appreciates differences but still experts everyone to be the same.

No, I am not saying to go out and rob a bank. I am just saying that the expectations of our country have greyed and the American Dream is merely some faded words that were written in a textbook by someone who wants to protect others feelings and leaves out details that are shocking or hurtful. What ever happened to telling the story like it is? What ever happened to saying “no” sometimes? Whatever happened to you have to try harder to get an award on awards day next time around? Get up, shake it off, and put a bandage on it. I’ll tell you what happened. We wrap them up in bubble wrap and don’t let them experience their bumps and bruises on their own. Let a child fall off a bike and scrape their face on the sidewalk. The parent suffers because they are abusing their child for letting them live. The child learns nothing but how to live in a bubble.

Wonder how so many American’s get missing when they go hiking up the Appalachian Trail or travel to a third world country? Because of lack of experience and growing up in a feel good world where the select few, who adhere to the grey normalcy of society are running the show.

Whatever. Maybe you deserve to go missing. At least I know I will not be one of the first to go should the world decide to start over and technology fails us all. Here is what I have to say about that:



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