#transformationTuesday: Evolution

Ever just sat back and reflected upon how far you have come and how much different of a person you are today compared to a year ago? Sometimes the stories can be amazing.  They can make you happy, cry, or even confused. Mine is all of those emotions wrapped up in a cozy tortilla. Here is my #transformationTuesday: Evolution story. I know I am early but I am EXCITED to tell my story. After all, it will be a year on, yes, Tuesday 04.26.2016.

Last year, I found myself in the most miserable of places. The only happiness I could find was in a plate of food. I was a flavor hog and I constantly was shovelling in every thing that tasted good. Short lived, flavor only lasts until you lick the plate clean. Then it is gone. Not a happy or healthy way to live. I was lazy. I barely had any clothes that fit. My family didn’t want to be seen with me and (thankfully) there were not many pictures of me. To be honest, I just remember existing. The winds of change were blowing. I just didn’t know it yet.

Those winds began to blow when the treadmill was moved from the livingroom to the bedroom. Now, the reasoning for the move was Cal had rearranged the livingroom and it made sense to just move it out of the way. I was not a big fan of the full length mirror so, putting the treadmill folded up, in front of it was no problem. No problem at all. After that, there were other indoor projects that were being done. Most were done while I was working. The house looked great. Somewhere, in the midst of all that productive activity, a picture was taken. That picture had the treadmill in the background. The same day I found that horrid picture, someone called me a fat, disgusting, bitch and told me my family was miserable with me AND that I should just kill myself. Well folks, that was my breaking point.

I opened up the treadmill and I started walking. It was April 26, 2015. I announced to our wellness manager at work that I needed to turn over a new leaf and get healthy. In our wellness community at work, people were full of advice and suggestions. I read each and every one. I was 208+ a size 18 and hated myself more than I ever have in my life. Out of all the support, I chose a few suggestions and moved forward. I didn’t want to look back. I downloaded MyFitnessPal and set some easy goals and I started walking. I didn’ t make any drastic changes. I wanted to start and keep good habits. I learned a lot the first few months. I don’t have to eat to be happy. It felt better to walk when I was upset.  I learned some things with less calories taste just as good as an entire bag of cookies. Those things were more filling and I ate less of them. I learned that lazy days suck and I feel bad if I missed a day of walking. I was starting to feel better and clothes we not shrinking anymore.

The wellness community started a points challenge. I participated, worked hard, and came in 5th place. Not only had I included physical activity and curbed an enormous empty calorie intake, I unconsciously made other changes that were not so hard. I started drinking more water. I added Pilates to my daily routine. I found a plethora of ways to eat fruits and veggies that were filling and yummy. The most amazing part?? My family was supporting me and pushed me when they noticed I missed a workout or grabbed a soda instead of water. By August, I had lost almost thirty pounds and was fitting into a size 14. To celebrate, we took a trip to New York City and walked our azzes off! It was amazing! It was great! My family was not ashamed of me. We took pictures. I had the time of my life.

I started trying to run a few minutes every walk after that trip. I began to consciously make healthier meals and could turn down candy, chips, and other junk to the shock of my husband. In January, I decided to participate in my first 5k. I had 3 months to get ready. The rules were to finish in one hour. My goal was to complete in 45 minutes. After all, I could powerwalk 3.1 miles in 50 minutes. Challenge accepted. March 5, 2016…race day. To my delight, Cal ran it with me. I must say, he is pretty sexy sporting a pair of running pants. Ah, but I digress. Guess what? We ran across the finish line, hand in hand, at 39 minutes 42 seconds. Yessss! We plan on running another in October.

Recently, I have been adding weight lifting workouts to change up a bit from Pilates. I just recently reached a 4% weight loss goal by joining a dietbet and winning! Finally, this morning, I added a body sculpting workout app so I can rotate the three types of workouts throughout the week. In the health world, there are “macros” in your diet and I have started keeping up with that. So many changes evolved me into a happier, healthier, more fit person than I was a year ago.

I am now at 170. I wear a size 10. My initial goal was to lose sixty pounds in a year. I made it past the halfway point of that goal so I am not a failure. My new goal is to have abs for the first time in my life and to lose about 25-30 more. I can do it. I have proven myself already. Yes. The treadmill still remains open.

Keep at it, folks. You can do it. If I could…you can!

What do YOU think??


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Work at home professional, author, wife, mother of many. I view the world in a slightly different way than the rest. They don't let me out much so I do have a lot of time to think. Speaking of that... What do YOU think?

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