Daily Prompt: Passionate

via Daily Prompt: Passionate

I used to check my WordPress as part of my daily routine. I would write to it once a week, if not more. However, whenever there is a change in my routine, things tend to get left on the side of the road. Unfortunately, my WordPress was one of them. A lot has happened since then yet, a lot has remained the same. On the change side, I have dropped nearly 60 pounds, I was provided the opportunity to write for nearly half of my working day every day, and my marriage has become all that it ever should be and more! These are all good changes and hindsight welcomes them. The things that remain the same are that I still go fishing and think a lot, I am still married to the world’s most wonderful man, and our Elder Dog is STILL kicking! She is Passionate about checking on her people. We love her for that.

There are things that I often do out of routine that I do take for granted. Writing to my blogs was one of them. However, there was another joy in my routine that I have failed to appreciate over the past months as I make every attempt to get my routine back under control. After I get up and do the usual, you know, get dressed, brush teeth/hair, make coffee, start up the computer, and let the dogs out. I do some yoga or pilates (this is a new thing) and then go about waking up the remainder of the house.

Often, the Elder dog is my shadow. Upon opening each bedroom door, the elder dog goes in and makes sure that all is well. I follow her in and as she sniffs out every nook and cranny for trespassers, I go about waking up the children and the Husband. In each room, she will snort her seal of approval and sit in the middle of the floor until I am finished and then follow me to the next room. Sunday is a day of rest for me and I generally do not do anything in the office other than study and write. I make Sunday’s my day of not work and it has become a welcome “me time” custom. This morning, I had made the error of checking on everyone before letting the dogs in. Upon noting this, I let them back into the house, the two Chihuahua’s (aka, the Chia Seeds) went to their respite places and Elder dog looked at me like “Welp, let’s do this!” I became aware what she was trying to tell me and I walked down the hallway to prevent a disruption in HER morning routine. Instead of waking everyone, I just opened the door and stood there while she did her thing.

As always, she did her thing. This time, however, I was able to observe her. She would walk the perimeter of the room sniffing about then make a second round and check out in between things that she may have thought needed more investigation. If a child fell asleep on the floor watching TV or something, she would check them out and make sure they were OK. Finally, she would sit obediently in the middle of the room waiting for me to tell her “come on!” Today, I let her lead the way. She would go to the next door and wait for me to open it only to do the whole procedure all over again. Thinking about her doing this, I have notice her try to do this before. She does it at seemingly random times of day on the weekends as well as once or twice in the middle of the night. Should she ever encounter a door that she cannot push open with her snout, she would sniff along the bottom of the door and then move on.

Elder dog is Passionate about her duty and has been doing this without fail for years. She came to us nearly 13 years ago and there has not been a day or place in which she did not do this. When my father was living, we would take her to spend Christmas with him and my mother. Dad asked me once why she checks out every room in the middle of the night once. I dismissed it at the time because I had no answer but I find comfort in that she would ensure that the place was safe even for her GrandPeople.

I went in many directions with this post but remember, your animals love you as much as you love them. Sometimes people take that for granted. Sit back and watch them sometimes. They are forever our guardians. Even in old age. I believe in angels and even then, they will remain Passionate with a constant eye over us.

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Work at home professional, author, wife, mother of many. I view the world in a slightly different way than the rest. They don't let me out much so I do have a lot of time to think. Speaking of that... What do YOU think?

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