Snuggly Poop

Anyone with a dog can understand where I am coming from when you have to be snuggled every time you have to go # 2. It is a standard in the dog owners world and nothing less will do. Even if you try to shut the door, your fuzzy children believe that they have to watch over you while you handle your business. However, if you think about it, they are simply returning the favor ten-fold.

Seriously! When they were puppies and you brought them into your home, you had to train them to go outside. With the yard as their toilet, when they did their business, in the right place, you cheered for them and hugged them and gave them praise. Obviously, pooping outside was a better thing than doing the same on the carpet. You watched them poop. No doggy parent has ever taken their puppy outside without watching them cop a squat and download a turd. Face it, you would even watch them out of the corner of your eye to praise them the very second they turned around to sniff their creation. It is the essence of potty training. There is no other way to sugar coat it or say it. There. It’s out in the open. Every dog owners poopy little secret is out. Too bad.

But this is a good thing. Now they are indebted to you because you have shown them the basic communication device of what it means when you speak the song “Wanna Go Potty?”  they now understand some of your language and you have taught them English. Next, they will try to engage you to have you sing that glorious song to them when they feel their back door barking at them to go. Good for you!  As time goes on, they discover that the smell they can make with their butt often will occur when you sit on this big, cold, white chair that is in the same room with the spray hose nozzle that you use to make them feel all clean. Yes, the toilet as it is often referred to in human speak. “Oh joy!” says the dogs of the world. I can make sure that they are rewarded with snuggles as they make the smell that I do when I drop a turd in the grass!

“I therefore shall make sure you are safe, human, and ensure that your feet never get cold on the floor in this cool room!”

Some will even make sure that the monsters that make all that noise when you get up stay away as long as you sit on this “chair.” Let’s think about that too, for a moment. Whenever you get up from sitting on this thing, it makes a terrible racket and your dog probably wants to make sure that you are not going to be attacked by the noisy monster while you are sitting. They dog obviously feels that sitting on this thing relaxes you or you would not do it nearly every day. It never makes that horrid noise until you get up. I bet, if you get down to their level and flush the toilet, you will find that it makes more noise than it does from your level. I find that there is always a difference in the way things look when you take a gander from that other person or animal’s point of view. Seriously! Go to your kitchen and sit on the floor and see exactly how it looks from below the door knobs. You will probably note that the corners need attention and the cabinets could use a good wash. No matter how clean you are, looking at things from a different perspective, give you a different perspective. Even the noise from the toilet from your dog’s perspective can give you a greater appreciation for why they insist on being in there with you when you have to lay some logs.

So just appreciate the poopy snuggles. They are just repaying you for helping them out when they were but a pup. It is not to annoy you or to get some extra time in with you because you are sitting still. They are protecting you from the noisy toilet monster while you relax and make a smell that they know they only make in the grass.

Gotta love our poopy little puppies! They love their poopy humans!

What do YOU think?


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Work at home professional, author, wife, mother of many. I view the world in a slightly different way than the rest. They don't let me out much so I do have a lot of time to think. Speaking of that... What do YOU think?

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What do YOU think?

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