We All Learn Something

I always find it quite the interesting story when someone talks about learning something from an animal or a beloved pet. Oftentimes, we just learn a basic lesson of life, death, and grief, as children when we lose a pet for the first time. All too often, those are lessons easily forgotten or they do not affect us as profoundly as they should. I also find it fascinating the way people tend to view the lessons our pets teach us. Since animals (generally) do not speak the human language, it is the intuitive eye or a creative mind that has the ability to capture what it is we are being taught.

Personally, Roxie the Elder has been teaching me a great deal over the past year or so. Since she has become blind, I have learned creative ways to guide her through unknown areas of the house and outside. She is teaching all of us in this family different things and it makes for great conversation between family members and makes for exceptional teachable moments and just a glimpse less of screen time as we observe the lesson being learned and convey understanding to each other. Yes, as I sit here on my device, I can see she is learning another lesson that is truly teaching me that I still have to spend precious time with her as 1. She really IS an Elder and has a lot to teach me and 2. She is, and has been part of our family for the past 14 years and loves us with all of her being. After all, this has been a lifetime for her.

The excerpt below was shared by one of my older brothers on one of his private, social media accounts. I always take the time to read his blurbs as I had learned to love his eloquent use of the English language at an early age.  For some context on that, my mother had this barrel full of papers and stuff that she had dragged all over the country with us as we moved from state to state during my “before adulting” years. This was a pink barrel and, it was once stored in my room during a brief stint in an apartment we had in Texas. There were typical things that people of the long, gone paper era kept. Medical and tax records, report cards and old photos, and other miscellaneous things she felt important to keep over the years. One of these miscellaneous papers was hand written and grabbed my attention. I imagine she still has it as it was one of the things I remember she had with her when I was married to Cal.

“March is the month for flying kites…”

Funny how that part stayed with me over the last 30 years. It was quite long but that was all that I remember. There is a lot of symbolism attached to that opening phrase of that written page. I will get into that later. Unbeknownst to the author, (obviously he will know it now, as I am sure he will be reading this when I finally publish it) that was just a line that just resonated in a sort of premoniscient…is that a word?…way. **As in it foretold a lot of things to come, that would be remarkably important in my life. Not as relating to anything in the past. A time machine of sorts, I guess.**

Ah…but I digress…

Without further ado, here is the lesson we have to learn about Pearl and the Rabbit. Through the eyes of a man who has been through quite a deal in the past couple of years. Hell, his whole life.  He is one of the grouchiest, yet forward people I know. I can say that this dear brother of mine is an acquired taste and is very concrete in his opinions. Although, he would not be (as our lovely sister was fond of saying) “Dear ole Chuckles” if he was any other way.

This post was originally posted on September 29, 2018:

Pearl and the rabbit:
Some of the things we see in life are truly wonderful to behold. If you go through my photos you’ll find one or two of my Great Pyrenees Pearl. She is a beautiful soul and possibly my best friend because she spends so much time guarding my feet. A couple of months ago she started wanting to be let out quite a bit earlier than usual. At first I really didn’t think much of it, but after a while I got curious as to why she would wake me so early in order to be let out. So one morning I let her out the back door and went to the front door to look out the window to see what she was up to. There she was, big, white and beautiful laying on her stomach looking around as if she was expecting someone. Pretty soon a small rabbit came out from under the car and hopped it’s way to the fence, slowly they both put their noses to the fence and just lay there for the longest time as if they had been friends for ages. I got to wondering how long this had been going on so for the next few days We all did the same routine. My guess is that they had become fast friends through the fence. It’s kind of sad that things like that have to end, but the rabbit has grown and gone away, and though my Pearl is faithful and hopeful, I fear the rabbit has left her life. The thing I have learned from this is that my Pearl still has “hope”. Hope that her friend will return and hope that she’ll get to be nose to nose with her buddy again. Hope is something that is nice to see, recent events left me down to the last drop of hope I had. But my Pearl taught me there is hope in any situation, and though life is more difficult now than ever before in my household, my dear friend and companion Pearl reminded me there is always hope to be had even in the most dire of situations……. -C-….
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