#SOCS: Suppose that Sap Sipped, No, Sopped Up His Supper That Fateful September Day

There it is. My job here is done! Before we begin, know that this sappy post was brought to you by↓↓↓


A fun little way to spend a morning writing about whatever comes to mind, especially after fighting a supposedly epic battle with a dying phone charger just to ensure your son won’t oversleep and make it to work late. OR, while sipping your coffee while morphing into a human and you have a sever distaste for TV. Gotta love being a homoSAPien!

Ah, but I digress, or did I? This is supposed to be whatever comes to mind, right? Oh, I think this would be a grand idea for the month of September. Think about it. At least once every month, choose the first three letters of the month and change the vowel in them and try to use all of them in a stream of nothing while talking about anything and everything. Wow, what a super idea, don’t you think? Maybe. I should look into that and try it on one of my other pages. Makes for interesting writing and mind exercise. Thanks Linda G Hill! Let me take a sip because it is before sunrise and coffee time…

Okay so here we go. I am going to try a paragraph for each one. Hehehe!

Deep in the Sapphire Forest, some saplings were growing that did not seem to belong. They were not your ordinary growth in this special place and it seemed as if they were growing in a haze. Come to find out, the trees were special trees. These trees were saponifying trees. These special trees grow in a haze that is often reminiscent of being in a hot shower. They do this because it helps you identify them when you need soap as that is exactly what they are used for! Not often found in the wild, these trees, often called soapsaps are used to make the worlds soap. Further, they are mysterious in that the scent from each tree is not like the next. It can be rose, lavender, or any other magical scents associated with soap.

The sky was sepia as she walked along the lonely, country road. Her mother is dying. she had become septic after being diagnosed with some illness. It is so bad that she may not come out of it. What a terrible way to start the first of September. Ah, but mother lived a good life. The last living sibling of one of the first sets of septuplets in this country. Her mother was ready and the family had been preparing for this for some time. Death is just not fair.

He sipped his tea while standing lookout for the police. His buddies were in the garage siphoning gas out of the remaining cars. “Hey! Make sure that shit doesn’t sipe into the rug under that Pontiac! They will know!” he yelled over his shoulder. This whole zombie apocalypse thing has turned even the best of the remaining uninfected into humans. He just couldn’t stand to be stealing just to survive.

The kids loved going to the restaurant where they served never ending bowls of sopaipillas. She loved to watch them sop up the honey on their plates with sticky fingers and grins. This had to be, quite possibly, the best invention ever. After all, these tasty pieces of fried dough are a wonderful treat. Another thing that was a treat for the kids, was that they had shows in different rooms of the building. It was a rather large place. One of the new shows was some pirate thing. At the end of the short set, a pirate falls into the ‘sea’ and, with a great splash, soaks the kids near the front row. After seeing the show, my four year old daughter comes running into the dining area where I was sitting and sopping wet, she exclaims “Sophomore the Pirate got us wet!” The room erupted in laughter.

That was a supreme supper he told his wife as he pushed back from the table. If you will excuse me I have to call the supplier of the plant and speak to the supervisor as you know my work supersedes any extra curricular activities. As he got up and chicken kissed his wife on the forehead, she sighed heavily. This was supposed to be a family evening. He was always running off to work and this was a super disappointment. However, he does work that hard to allow her to do whatever she wants. Sadly, she has to be supportive of that.

BONUS! (syp)

That syphiloid colony must be destroyed! Yelled General Sap as he reached across the table to make his point. Lieutenant Sep sat there, stone faced and unmoving as he listened to the General berate him over failing the mission. Not wanting to be insubordinate, he also had a loyalty to the CIA. You see, his informant Sip was still in the colony. While it was not clear if he was infected, the Lieutenant wanted to give his CI a chance to get out of there before they eradicate that place from the map. Making a choice, the Lieutenant stood up and told the General, “I am full on aware of the SOP, sir. I know the standard operating procedures” and with a stone face, he turned and left the room. Later that evening he reached out to Private Sup and sent him on a possible death mission to rescue the Lieutenants friend from the doomed colony.

Well, there it is folks! What do YOU think?


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Work at home professional, author, wife, mother of many. I view the world in a slightly different way than the rest. They don't let me out much so I do have a lot of time to think. Speaking of that... What do YOU think?

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  1. Enjoyable read, very creative use of the prompt!

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  2. 🙂 Wonderful use of all the prompt parts. I enjoyed reading all the paragraphs!


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