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Posted for work: Working In-Office vs. Working at Home

This post is originally found on my work place’s FB page ans was initially written for there. However, it is my creation and I would like to share it with you!

Working In-Office vs. Working at Home
We all have our validated reasons for working from home and what makes the lifestyle work for us. Once again, my decision to remain an at-home professional was validated by something simple as walking my son to the bus stop this morning. Here is my little tidbit as to why I am making working from home work for me.
Lets back up by saying I woke up before my alarm clock to start my day. Rarely this happens but it can be a glorious thing if you embrace it! Out of bed I sprung…getting some house hold things done prior to walking the kiddo to the bus and clocking in for my daily grind. Normally, I will have started on my coffee rations prior to walking to the bus. However, this morning, I was so busy that I failed to get that far. So, as I was on my way out the door, I grabbed a cup of that morning happy and took it with me to enjoy while chatting with the kids at the bus stop. Just as an aside here, everyone knows that a full cup of java and any article of clothing that happens to be white are not friends. Try as they might, it is just not a happy situation. Thankfully, I make it a habit to try and not wear much white because Murphy’s Law dictates that my coffee will find its way to the white article of clothing and make me look like I am a slob. Or at least like this:
Sure enough, as we walked to the end of the driveway, what did I do? I sloshed the coffee and there it was: coffee on my shirt. It never fails. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not very graceful when it comes to walking and I try to find ways to fall over things that are not there. (Ghosts! They are tripping!) Add to the long list of talents: The inability to walk and carry a full mug of joe. So yeah, while minor, that was a valid reason to add to my plethora of excuses (well, not really excuses but list was too…repetitive) as to why working from home is the lifestyle that works for me.
What is on your list validating that remaining an at-home professional is the right choice for you? What do YOU say?

Walking Down a Different Road…Poorly.

This title may not be what you think. I have found that I have grown tired of “just making it.” It weighs upon my mind a lot. I have also found that when you do finally start heading toward a point where you can do slightly more than “just make it.” The higher powers tend to see an opportunity to squeeze you for whatever extra it is that you have and put you right back to where you were to begin with. Yes, I tend to not write about things like this on my public blogs. However, writing is a form of release for me and today, I will, walk down a different road.

My family is not your typical american family when it comes to paying bills and debt. We are not drowning under credit card debt or a crushing mortgage. We have abstained from refinancing or taking out additional lines of credit against our house. While that may be the thing to do, I simply don’t feel it to be the right thing to get our bills paid when we can do it just fine without that. Borrowing from one source just to reduce the payments on another or to combing a bunch of nickle and dime things just does not seem like the thing to do. (Oh, Daddy, you should be so proud!) In hindsight, no credit card debt and the fact that we can pay our necessities without worry is great. We have TWO extra things that we have been working on to pay off over time but it is not so much that we have to struggle to make bills. These things are just to improve our credit score. Now that I think about it. I am only feeding into the corporate monster and living the Sheeple life by doing that. However, it seems to be necessary if we want to get ahead in any area of life like to purchase a new car. (Example only, walking is so much better for the environment.) Well, that will be over soon and we will only have to foot the bill for “necessaries” like power, water, mortgage, and internet. Yea, internet is a necessary. Well, at least until the world goes to heck in a hand basket. Then we can do away with THAT bill. Yay?

Still, none of the above is what weighs heavily on me. I think a lot about the vacations my parents took me on as a kid. Those were vivid memories which stood out against the bland backdrop of watching my previous year of school become a fading memory on the highways of this country. Remember, every ending school year meant that Daddy was going to sign a new contract with his company and they would ship up off to yet another state to live for the year while he straightened out the mess of a kitchen they sent him to. He provided for us and we had our vacations. I just never had any roots to grow until I became older. My roots are spread all over this country from coast to coast. Dry, brittle, and long forgotten, the things that stand out the most were the vacations. Maybe that was what they did to make up for uprooting me from potential friends and opportunities which could have been afforded to me growing up. Still, I would not have changed anything.

It’s not that our brood prevents us from taking a vacation. We have a support system and family who can watch the kids while we pick and choose or even watch the dogs while we are away. It’s the fact that, while this country tells you to make memories with your children, they put the financial portion out of the reach of the average person. The nuclear family has to make nearly $50, 000 a year to be able to put away something into savings and even then, you need nearly $5,000 to even think about a 3 day trip for a couple. Everything is taxed and everything is overpriced. When Reagan was president (yes, I know, cost of living, etc. BS to that,) purchasing a brand new car did not mean that you were taking out a note that was near the equivalent of the market value of your home. It didn’t cost $50 to PARK at a resort area only to again pay near the same PER PERSON to get in. Never mind the fact that you then have to pay just to breathe inside the park. Corporate greed, my friends. They try to make smiles only attainable for the extraordinarily rich and, frankly, I am tired of it.

On a different note, do you know why this country has become so fanatically engrossed in the fact that they love to watch the prepping shows and extreme couponing?  It is this: the poor are tired of being sucked dry and being pushed around by the rich. They remember the Great Depression and they know what it will take to hurt the rich. Not to assassinate or rob them. Let the stock market drop. Let the zombie apocalypse happen. Let there be some fantastic computer glitch that takes out the internet. Who is going to survive? Those of us who know what it is like to live without. Those of us who can survive on skill alone and not believe it to be the end of the world simply because your investments took a wrong turn. Snatch those comfy pillow out from under the stuffy rich who sit upon them and what do you have? Sniveling, snarling, rich bastards who believe they have just lost their entire world. Oh, sure, there will be a few who will move on and think that they can do it all over again. However, when the world goes to shit, their money is going to be nothing more than fuel for the fire. With their clean, unscarred hands and the inability to know how to do a hard day’s work, they will not last long. I can assure you of that.

OK. I feel better now. I put a foot on my soapbox and chewed the gum for a few minutes. Thanks for listening peeps. Oh, yea….

What do YOU think?

Whatever happened to Miss Ingold?

Back in my lat teens and early 20’s I was a breakfast manager at a local fast food restaurant named Hardee’s. The hours were perfect: 3am-1pm. For me, it was an easy job and presented challenges as well. One such challenge was some of the people that worked the same shift I did. One was the hostess, she is a topic for another story. The other was this big ole German lady named Ingold.

Ingold was not by any means your normal person. To begin with, she had to warm up to you. It was not easy to gain her confidence in your abilities as either a manager or a co-worker. Also, she hated everyone. However, she was good at her job. Ingold only worked breakfast. When it was time to transition, she was out the door. She was a good worker but you had to get her on your side to work for you. You see, Ingold liked to be prompt and start things on time. While the manager was technically not supposed to start or arrive to open the doors until at least 3:45 am, if you showed up at any point after 3:00 am, you were certain to have a bad day. Showing up late made Ingold grouchy and boy…you never wanted that woman to be grouchy. (Grumpy doesn’t even come close to what this woman could be if she was…grouchy. Even Oscar the Grouch was mild compared to when this woman was on a roll. Ah, but I digress.) I liked to show up early just for her because I knew if she started her day off right, I would not have to worry about the kitchen because Miss Ingold handled things. Besides, at 4:01 am, the time the schedule says we are supposed to clock in, she would get in her car and go home. THAT, my friends, is a bad day. Without her, it was difficult at best.

Other workers knew that too. Because I worked hard to get Miss Ingold on my side, she eventually warmed up to me. I think there were a few mornings that I totally earned her respect. “Why? How?” You ask? Like this:

Ingold worked six days a week. The days I was blessed to have her on my shift, I knew I was going to have a good day. She kept that kitchen running and things were hardly ever late. I would giggle at her when there was a special request from a customer during the busy part of the morning because she would yell through the window at me “What the hell do they think this is Burger King? This is not have it your way!” Begrudgingly, she would make the special request anyway. If she was particularly chipper, she would offer to make your breakfast for you on your break and hook a sister up!

Anywhoo, back to the how and why. There were a few times I had overslept. Upon waking, the only thing I would think would be:

“Shit! Ingold is gonna be pissed!”

I would jump straight up, throw on my pants, button 4 of the 7 buttons on my shirt, grab my shoes, brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, and other “get ready” stuff and run to the car just so I could make it on time. One particular morning I got lots of laughter from her (which was rare) because I showed up at 3:05 am and had all my stuff randomly in my arms and was dropping and picking up things all the way from my car to the door. I was apologetic every step of the way. One sock on, one sock off, she actually told me not to worry that she was in a good mood because of me. This thoroughly confused me because in Ingold time, I was late. I think the that she seen that I was stressing out over her being grouchy more than I was at my appearance at Good God It’s Early in the morning. To be honest, I think that was the first time I did that. After that day, I think I had Miss Ingold on my side and we got along famously. Even when she was grouchy.

She was old then and this was in the mid 1990’s. I moved on and life went on but I thought of her often. I really liked that old Broad. I wonder what has become of her?

What do YOU think?


Good Morning Stranger

I get up and go about my usual morning routine. Only, I stop for an extra moment to ponder what I see in the mirror. Who is this looking back at me? I have not seen you for a long, long time. Good morning Stranger! Where have you been? Can it really be you? From way back when? Thinking back, I don’t know where you went. Did you hide? Was it time well spent?

Why do I say these things to the mirror? After all, it is just a reflection. A reflection of one’s self. However, that reflection can become someone else. Someone you hate, someone you don’t recognize and remain that way for many years. Sometimes, it is not even the fault of oneself that we end up this way. Sadly, in my case, I think it was. You see, the reflection I have been staring at (screaming at) for nearly 20 years was not me but someone much larger, lost, and different. I avoided her. I didn’t take pictures, I didn’t look in the mirror. When I did, I wanted to throat punch her and scream in her face until spit rained upon it. WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH ME!!!!????

But this morning was different. I have yet to wash my face and brush my hair but I can only smile at what I see staring back at me. I don’t want to scream at her. I don’t hate her. I know she has come a long way and has a long way to go but I can see her. My best version of me. She is beautiful. She is a mess. However, she is no longer a joke. She is wiser. Things like fat jokes are not funny anymore. She sees the world through a different filter. I like what I see. After all these years, I have found the person I was searching for and I can get back to loving myself. No more happiness in the bottom of an empty plate. That was the same kind of happiness a drug addict chases when they are trying to get high. I am beyond that now. No more turning to food and bad habits when things become stressful. Because I can love me and I am able to stare at the face looking back at me in the mirror, I am a stronger person. I can love me now.

It was strange, this morning, staring at my reflection. I liked what I see. Bed-hair and all. I have not felt that kind of comfort in a long time. Stranger, I don’t know where you went or where you have been, but please, please, don’t go back there anymore. I have a funny feeling you didn’t like it much. I know I didn’t like it when you were gone. I can smile at you and you will smile back. It will be a true smile. One that is not hidden behind a puffy face and slits for eyes. One that is not obscured by more than just a chin. It is you. Beautiful you! While you are not completely back, I can see that you are there and you have that determined look. You are here to stay!

I love you reflection. I know you feel better and I know you are working hard to show the world that you are still here. That you still exist. Thank you for caring enough to come back. Thank you for taking the journey to get here. Thank you for being…me.

Hello Stranger! I am glad you are here. Stick around and show pride without fear. Welcome Stranger, you’ve been gone so long. I can never apologize enough for steering you wrong. Hello Stranger! Where have you been? Can it really be you? From way back when? Thinking back, I don’t know where you went. Did you hide? Was it time well spent? I am glad you are back. Our journey will see, just how we both can stay on track. Stranger no more, I love me. My reflection, I love, is staring back at me.

What do YOU think?

Modern Rules Promote Selective Breeding

As a child, I remember being told that I could grow up to be anything I wanted to be. Like a great majority of people in this world, the life I live now is certainly not one that I would tout as what I envisioned my life to be as a 7 year old growing up in a Seattle suburb. Still, the message we give to our very young children is the same. Maybe it is worded differently but still the underlying theme remains. “You can be anything you want to be, you just have to work hard and get an education!” As our children get older, and wiser, they are reminded that they have to get a college education and have to maintain a good citizen persona. While that may not have been the case when my generation was young, it is something that is required to make your mark in this country and possibly, the world. To further confuse the children, we have instilled this “feel good” mentality that cushions them from the horrors of real life. Making mistakes is not acceptable. If you do, the consequences follow you until your deathbed. I have also noticed it is also who you know. More of a caste system instead of a democracy. There is all this talk about racial equality and avoidance of discrimination. However, it begins when we add on the “so long as you gets…” and “so long as you do’s…”This, ultimately, is where the selection process begins.

Not only does this selection process begin with a mistake, it can have lasting ramifications on other members of your family. In a family with more than one child, the impressions of the younger children are based upon former experiences with the older children. Not only does this happen in schools, it happens in the community as well. If an older child was known for their carelessness and callous behavior, it is expected of the children coming after them. Those within the same family are believed to behave in the same manner. After all, are we not all a product of our environment? I would like to think that people are their own persons and are not directly influenced by the behavior of an older sibling. Especially if that sibling is known for making mistakes. Parent’s who are keen on this concept spend years undoing “damage” done by an older child who chose a path that went against society just to ensure that the younger child (who wants to take a different lifestyle) can become accepted and attempt to gain the respect of the people in the community and the staff of the schools and organizations that they wish to belong in. Further, it is a lesson the younger child has to learn. They need to know that they will be constantly compared to the “troublemaker sibling” and they have to take a multitude of extra steps just to prove they are not like their sister or brother. Even for the child who comes along after a doctor or lawyer, if that child wishes to work in a fast food establishment for their career, they have to show that they are not the same person as their lucrative sibling and should not be compared to them. Sadly, this is the way it is.

Further, if this child  happens to be the child who makes a mistake, they are marked for life because of that mistake. They can go to great lengths to get a criminal record sealed or expunged, but if there is that one thing, even if they were truly innocent, it will haunt them for the rest of their lives. They can move, or never get into trouble again. Still, 20 or 30 years from now, they will face a lifetime of disappointment and regret because of it. Further, if the trouble is something that is not directly related to a specific thing, it will have unintended consequences.

Let me get to the point here.

Humans have babies. The babies grow and end up going to school. In our feel good era, there is a great demand for 100% participation in the school life of the children by the parents. Constantly, letters are sent home stating that “it is our goal to have 100% parent participation this year, your child’s success depends on it!” However, you have to go through a background check in order to be present on school grounds or participate in an activity with your child. Should you have one black mark on your record from 20 years ago, you are out of luck. The teachers are only told that you are not allowed to be there and they create their own uninformed opinion of what it must be like to live in your home as you are a criminal. The few that are allowed to participate are given “cards” to show that they have been selected and are “good people.” Those children who are without their parents on Parents Breakfast Day are often chastised by the other children and have to be told by their parents that “Mommy or Daddy can’t make it, I am so sorry.”  Not only does this create a rift in the relationship with the child and his peers, it creates unnecessary resentment between the child and his parents. The parent may have took a car for a joyride when they were in college. However, because of that one discretion, they have a felony charge on their record and are marked for life. This mistake has nothing to do with their skills as a parent no does it make them a danger to be around the children. Now, if it was something as serious as a murder charge then, yes, I understand not wanting that person to be around a class of thirty children on a field trip. However, a felony is a felony and nobody cares what it was or the circumstances surrounding it.

Not only does this create bad feelings for the child and the parent. It marks the child. Now they are known as the child of a criminal and are treated differently by the staff and are marked as someone who will amount to nothing. Not only has this made it more difficult for the child to achieve their dreams of being a “somebody.” It has likely crushed it because teachers do favors for children they know will prosper. They form biased opinions on things outside of grades and effort and instill this feel good mentality into the children and any child who does not conform and learn to become a sheeple is written off and harassed in a manner that makes them not want to succeed but to quit the race altogether.

Any child who is perceived as abrasive against the normally of society is considered a threat and every attempt is made to extinguish their flame. That flame that was lit not so long ago with the phrase “You can be whatever you want to be.” The awe of the world and the bright look in their eyes eventually becomes clouded over as they blend into the fabric of a society that says it appreciates differences but still experts everyone to be the same.

No, I am not saying to go out and rob a bank. I am just saying that the expectations of our country have greyed and the American Dream is merely some faded words that were written in a textbook by someone who wants to protect others feelings and leaves out details that are shocking or hurtful. What ever happened to telling the story like it is? What ever happened to saying “no” sometimes? Whatever happened to you have to try harder to get an award on awards day next time around? Get up, shake it off, and put a bandage on it. I’ll tell you what happened. We wrap them up in bubble wrap and don’t let them experience their bumps and bruises on their own. Let a child fall off a bike and scrape their face on the sidewalk. The parent suffers because they are abusing their child for letting them live. The child learns nothing but how to live in a bubble.

Wonder how so many American’s get missing when they go hiking up the Appalachian Trail or travel to a third world country? Because of lack of experience and growing up in a feel good world where the select few, who adhere to the grey normalcy of society are running the show.

Whatever. Maybe you deserve to go missing. At least I know I will not be one of the first to go should the world decide to start over and technology fails us all. Here is what I have to say about that:


Beach Choppers Ain’t Got Nothing on Jet Noise

Gawsh, I miss jet noise.

Let that sink in for a moment. Jet. Noise.

When our youngest daughter was a toddler, we moved to Virginia Beach. We were lucky enough to have lived on former Oceana Naval Air Station base housing. Aside from the obvious, that year alone was one of the most interesting of my life. (Ah, but I digress. Jet Noise is the topic of the day.) Our duplex was situated literally at the end of a takeoff/landing strip on the adjacent air fireld. Literally! It was our house, the back yard, the service road, a fence, grass and then the strip. They rotated the strips in the air field so that some months it would be a landing strip and others it would be a take off strip. On the take off months, our daughter could wave at the pilots AND THEY WOULD WAVE BACK!

Some interesting things to note about Jet Noise


1.  Jets, at full power, are flippin loud!

2. When renting or buying a house in the vicinity of a landing strip, consider the waiver you sign acknowledging such very seriously.

3. Jet noise is impossible to talk over. If you are on the phone, even hiding in the center most closet of the house (and burying your head in the middle of the clothes) will not allow for an uninterrupted conversation when a jet takes off.

4. Jet noise pisses off your already possesed pomeranian.

Despite the deafening interruption to life several times a day, it was music every time. Patriotic. It even brought harmony to your heart. Sad to say, it is 12 years later and I still miss it. I miss it even more when I hear one of those snarky little beach copters flying right over our house. In the summer time, those gnats fly sometimes three deep. Annoying.

Before they posted a tourist stop up that put that flight path over our house, some of the local residents complained about the noise from the copters. I should have joined in on that wave. Busy bee copter noise all dayum day is a big bother to me. Certainly true when it makes me all nostalgic for Oceana. These people around here think those copters are loud? Nah…drip drip drop little April showers compared to a REAL bird.
To make my eyes well up even more? The local airport used to belong to an army air base back in the 50’s. The military still uses our tiny airport from time to time and the big cargo planes randomly come lumbering in. They are the only ones that fly so low you can almost read the serial number on the belly of the plane. The sight of these albatross planes make me wanna run outside and cheer. But then again, they are a more welcome, quieter,  reminder of a better place and a better time. I will take a low flying cargo plane over a beach copter anyday.

It took about 20 minutes to compose this blurb. Seven of those damn gnats flew shoobies overhead. Beach choppers.  Colorful helicopter wanna bes. Shoobs…leave the flying for real birds.

Gawsh I miss jet noise.

What do YOU think?

My Political Statement for the Year…or Not.

Generally, I keep my opinions of politics and other “current” events out of the limelight. It is just no a conversation I enjoy having with people because it becomes emotional and sticky. However, I feel the need to say a few things because this chit is becoming a slippery slope and I am tired of watching it drip down my news feed and all over the press. It is old and I am ready for the next “big” thing.

  1. Cecil the Lion. That lion was baited and led out of the protected preserve. Yes, it was unfair for the hunter to do that and he should face consequences. Of course, he will answer to God when it is his time. Keep other issues out of this thing. It is a hunting tragedy and it happens more than you think. This guy just got caught. If you want to put an analogy to it, look at it like this. He did the same thing predators do to children. This will put his actions in the worst light possible. Mmmmkay? It is nothing like having an abortion or any of these other silly issues people are trying to compare it to. Just flippin stop.
  2. Donald Trump. He is old. He has opinions. He is abrasive. He is to the point. In our feel good world of “lets not hurt someones feelings” his views and bold opinions on things tend to scrape some faces and make them bleed. No, I am not agreeing with any stance he has nor am I standing behind the man in any way. (Besides, if I were, YOU wouldn’t know.) I am just saying I applaud his audacity and this country needs some shock value from a potential leader. We need to piss the public off so they will get off their asses and bring the jobs back to this country and take care of the homelessness and decay we have here instead of worrying about what everyone else is doing. Jeesus people. We are so concerned with making sure our kids are wrapped up in bubble wrap that we fail to let them get their chance to fall off the bike and get a boo boo or figure something out on their own. They don’t know how to play because the way education is force fed to them. Remember the things you enjoyed in elementary school? It was because the teacher taught it in such a way that it was INTERESTING and not the long way to solve a division problem (yes, for you opponents of common core.) Just divide the numbers and go play dammit.
  3. Confederate Flag. Being near the heart of this whole controversy I have seen it explode across the country. Now there are a lot of communities (especially in the south) holding “confederate flag rallies” and such. Um…..IT IS A FLAG FROM A LONG AGO ERA. The values for that flag are unacceptable in today’s society and it is not that serious people. If you are so proud of your flag, then post one up on your house and leave the rest of the world to choose what flags they want to wave. The important one is Ole Betsy and that should be the end of it. You don’t see me in an uproar because my neighbor chooses to fly her Jamaican flag do you? No. Jeez. Get over it.

OK. I am off my soap box now. I just don’t see why people take things like this so seriously when there are REAL concerns out there. Cancer. Abuse. Starvation. Homelessness. The fact that we are medicating out children for being children. Wow. Look at those things get pushed to the side over a lion, an overly opinionated man or a flag. Our priorities are skewed people.

Just to make it all better lets have an orange flag with a blue X on it and put a picture of Trump on one side and a Lion on the other. Would that make it American?

Didn’t think so.

What do YOU think?

Its the little things

I haven’t written in a bit but this has been bouncing around in my head for a while. Time to show my human side and get it out. This post is not like my others and while I have an artist rendering of the exact feelings behind it, I am saving that for my next post. Pretty much because some art is NSFW and I want this post to at least survive any censorship.

About twenty years ago, I took for granted the image reflected in the mirror. I was about 130 and hated what I looked like. I have never been happy with me. Little did I know that one day, I had the power to change that. Fast forward to now, three kids later and a work at home job that challenges every healthy suggestion known to humankind. Oh. You also want to add approximately 70 pounds to that. I avoid pictures. I wear sweatpants all the time. It’s a daily occurrence that something will not fit anymore today. I am easily winded and love to have a plate in front of me. Yes. My name is Micaa and I am a flavorhog. (Remember that post? Ah, but I digress.)

I tried many things. Four daily miles on a tredmill for nine months. Still 200 pounds. Eat only fruits and vegetables for a year. Still 200 pounds. Hydroxycut…HGA drops AND pills, no sodas, no carbs, count calories, no fast food…all epic failures. I avpided mirrors and scales and stopped wearing makeup. I even made appointments for (and chickened out) lap band surgery, liposuction and laser fat removal. I had begun to accept the fact that being huge was what was going to kill me.

April 25, 2015. Someone who (apparently) was as miserable with themselves as I, said some really nasty things to me. While I wont give her the glory of repeating those things, I can say it hurt me to my soul. It made me hate what and who I was. It made me even consider going the way of the coward. (Like Robin Williams.) Instead, I sat and thought about it. I decided to use that primal self-hate and anger and use it to make a change. To show that person and everyone else that I am better than this. One of the things she called me was…fat. I can still hear her voice and it burns my ears when I am working out.


I set a pretty high goal. I had no timeframe for reaching that goal only that in spite of people being mean, I was going to make it. I asked people who had been working on a similar goal what worked and what failed for them and, to keep myself accountable, I told the wellness group at work. 

I found MyFitnessPal and got reacquainted with my tredmill. My huaband got an exercise bike and my son brought me a stepometer. I started using Your Shape Fitness on Xbox.  Everytime I became upset over those mean words or hated my own being, I worked out. I set a daily calorie goal and started. Even the wellness manager at work said I was ambitious with my goal. She just didn’t know my story. Did she?

I am three months into this journey. Can you believe I am only a couple of pounds from “halfway there?” My goal was sixty pounds to lose. I stay away from scales because I know it will be a caustic relationship. I weigh in once a month. There are victories here. These little things are now the motivation and the self hate is beginning to fade. Oh I still hear that nasty voice pushing me and thats great when I have a lazy day.
My list of little things….
1. My pants dont have to be “unrolled” when I stand up.
2. Things fit better.
3. Some things dont fit cuz they have become TOO BIG.
4. I can breathe.
5. I can scratch my back without assistance.
6. It’s not an act of congress to get up from sitting on the floor.
7. When getting laundry out of the laundry closet,  it is not wall to wall me. I have wiggle room.
8. My shoes are not so tight.
9. I have had to put seven new holes on my belt to make it smaller.
10. Friends notice the improvement.
11. My husband can tell the difference when we are snuggled on the couch on movie night.
12. My kids are all into making this work for me.
13. I have more energy.
14. I can sleep on my stomach..again.
15. When I get a cut or scrape, it heals in 7-10 days instead of nearly a month.
16. More water.
17. My skin looks and feels better.
18. When I smile, my eyes don’t disappear.
19. For the first time ever, I am beginning to like what I see in tge mirror.
20. Through it all…that person has gained a lot of weight and I am now smaller than her.
21. I almost consider myself a “skinny blitch.” (Before, I wanted to trip everyone who weighed less than 170 so I could laugh at them.)

There are so many more little things but if you celebrate these things in your journey and not the numbers on the scale, it keeps your motivation fresh. Yes. I still have a long way to go and it wont be easy. I WILL get there. Come heck or high water. #goalswillbereached.

What do YOU think?

Lessons Learned 21 Bucks.

In a day where electronics have brought about the zombie apocalypse (even though we are unaware of such) and an ever increasing population makes attendance in public dangerous, it becomes harder and harder to teach our children lessons in honesty and integrity.  Today was slightly different.

Thanks to the electronic age and the perfect opportunity to have the boyz go for a walk with me. (1. ANY opportunity to get out of the house. 2. ANY opportunity to have them do something else besides electronic zombie activity.) I decided we were going to walk to pick up a new TV for the rec room. Now, if this was 1980, this would not have been possible with a plastic red rider wagon and two children. Thank gawsh for technology advances. (Yup…take a screen shot of that. Things I don’t say often. Ah, but I digress.)  So we walked there and back and the rec room is splendidly happy once again. However, there was a teachable moment which occurred in between.

Upon entering into our busy WallyWorld, I keep an ever searching eye out for discarded receipts. Savings Catcher has given me almost $100 bucks to spend and it’s great. Another story for another day. The first thing I see is a folded up piece of paper. From the printing along the edge of the paper I knew it was a payroll check of some kind. I sit down on a bench nearby and open it up. It is a SIGNED cashiers check with a deposit slip. I turn it over and see the amount.


Wow. I know whomever lost this must be sick with grief. I thought about it for a moment and made a decision. This IS WallyWorld, afterall, and if I just hand it over to the snotty management staff, they will get the feel good credit for my kind deed and the owner will never know about the lesson I am trying to teach the boyz. Instead, I explained what the right thing to do was and then took matters into my own hands.

I walked up to customer service and asked the manager for a phone book. I did find a number that matched the name and address on the deposit slip. I called it but, there was no answer. Like the movies, I snatched the page out of the phone book and stuffed it into my pocket. Then, I told the manager lady that my oldest child had found a check the parking lot abd I wanted to leave her name and number at the customer service desk if the owner came looking for it. The manager demanded the check so they could “lock it up” and I told her again, my daughter found it on her way out and it is not here. So the manager gave me a pen and paper and I wrote.

“I found your check and I will keep it safe. Please call and I will bring it to you. Micaa 845-555-1212.” No sillies, that is NOT my number so don’t try it. You will get information.)

I explained to the boyz why I did what I did. I wanted to see the look on the ladys face when her money was returned to her. I also wanted them to experience the feel good feeling of being nice to a fellow human. As we were exiting the parking lot and, making our way home, my phone begins ringing.

“This is Micaa.”
“Hello! This is Ms. Randall. You have something of mine?”
“Oh yes! How are you? I do. We are at this so and so spot and walking you can’t miss us. When you get done shopping, I will have it for you.”
“Oh. THANK YOU!  I am not nearly as upset as I was thank you again!”

After walking along about ten minutes, a Cadillac SUV pulls up beside us with a lady about my mother’s age in it. The boyz and I walked up to the truck and she asked me if it was OK to give me $20. I told her it was OK and she insisted I spend it on the boyz. I told her of the lesson I wanted them to learn and that each will get $10. She said gratefully “You are an angel!”

Yea, I can say my feeling was that it was going to “pay” off but even the grateful look on her face and the teachable moment accomplishment


was enough. Good deeds really do pay off.

On another note, Numba 8 even found a dollar bill on the sidewalk before we reached the house.

See how Karma does good things?

What do YOU think?

We have gained a fanclub

I was reminiscing with Calvin this morning about fishing in North Carolina. There were several ponds and rivers we would often visit. When we went fishing there, it was a whole day thing and we had a blast! Sadly, our places in South Carolina are limited. However, we still have a good time.

While on the second pass across the back of the pond, after talking about being followed by the cows at some of the farm ponds in North Carolina, I notice a big azz turtle watching us do our thing.  Cal said that the turtle followed him around the pond yesterday and he had been in our wake for about 45 minutes or more. Hrmm. A fan club huh?

I think so. Yesterday, Cal took some stinky bait with him when he went down to the pond. I say stinky because that stuff funked up the house for HOURS after he thawed it out in the sink. It didnt help the bait any knowing that it had been thawed and refrozen several times before this last trip. Even incense and air freshener didn’t kill the smell until late last night. Ah, but I digress, we are talking about fishing.  Yesterday, he took what was left of the stinky bait and tossed it into the pond where I am sure some scavanging fish or turtle happened upon it and decided to have a juicy picnic. Maybe it was this turtle “Waiting for something AMAZING to happen”  ( –start around 1:00 That kid? Ya, its our turtle.)

Yea, the turtle followed us all the way around the pond. I know he was disappointed but I am certain that it has a memory and will do so again when we return.

Short post but thought it was a great fishing tidbit. What do YOU think?

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